Homeopathy Treatment for Diabetes

Homeopathy Treatment for Diabetes

Best Homeopathy Treatment for Diabetes


The common treatments for diabetes are medication to control blood sugar levels and changing lifestyle by exercising and changing diet. However, some people choose to treat it with homeopathy.

About Homeopathy

Homeopathic medicine was first practiced in Germany. It focuses on treating the person instead of just the disease or symptom. The treatment is based on two principles: “like cures like.” According to this, the treatment of the disease is hidden in the same natural product that was the cause of the illness when consumed by a healthy person.

The next essential law is the “law of minimum dose.” The remedies are diluted in water to the least possible extent to give you the lowest dose possible. Sometimes the dose is lowered to such an extent that you cannot trace the original substance.

Homeopathic medicines are natural, which means that their ingredients are natural. These come from plants, minerals, or animals. The medication includes ointments, drops, tablets, creams, and sugar pellets. Every individual is treated according to their body and disease. A homeopathic practitioner gives different remedies and dilutions to other people.

Some Common Questions Regarding Homeopathic Treatment for Diabetes

Treatment for Diabetes

The disease is cured using different medications. Some remedies are consumed, while others are injected.

Type 1 diabetes

The primary cure for this is insulin as it is injected into your body to replace the non-production of the insulin hormone. There are four diverse types of insulin.
  • The first one is rapid-acting insulin. it starts to work within 15 minutes after being injected and influences the patient for 3 to 4 hours.
  • Next up is the Short-acting insulin. Upon injecting, it starts to show its effect within half an hour which lasts 6 to 8 hours.
  • The third one is intermediate-acting insulin. it begins its work on the person within 1 to 2 hours and continues up to 18 hours.
  • Fourth and final one is the long-acting insulin. Its impact is not immediate as it shows the effect after some hours after injecting and lasts 24 hours or longer.

Type 2 diabetes

This can be regulated by practicing a good diet chart and following routine exercise. If still there is no cure, you need to take proper medication. Some people with type two diabetes also get doses of insulin. This is the cure.

Gestational diabetes

You need to check your blood sugar level several times daily during your pregnancy tenure. If it is consistently high, diet or exercise is not enough to control for a cure. Women must take insulin for a cure. Insulin treatment for diabetes is normal for the baby.

Homeopathic diabetes treatment

As mentioned above, homeopathic principles work on the notion that when minerals are diluted with water, they increase their therapeutic strength. So, here are some homeopathic diabetes treatment remedies marketed to treat diabetes or prevent its symptoms. Homeopathic-diabetes-treatment

1. Syzgium jambolana or S. cumini (black plum)

It helps to cure thirst, weakness, skin ulcers, and excessive urine.

2. Uranium nirticum

It heals excessive urination, swelling, burning sensation while passing urine, and nausea.

3. Plumbum (lead)

It heals numbness in the hands and is also a cure for nerve pain.

4. Conium (Hemlock)

It treats numbness of hands and feet along with diabetic neuropathy or nerve damage.

5. Calendula (marigold)

It might help with ulcers.

6. Phosphoric Acid

This helps to combat problems related to memory loss, dizziness of mind, heavy head, excessive urination, excessive loss of hair, and difficulty to maintain prolonged erection.

7. Candida (Yeast)

This could help with curing yeast infections.

Diabetes doctor near me

It is now easy to find diabetes doctors near you by searching the internet. One of them is Dr. Shubham Tiwary. He has a degree in BHMS, from Dr. B.R. Ambedkar University, Agra. His clinic’s name is Dharma Homoeopathy, situated in Indiranagar. You can also book free appointment online. He works as a diabetologist and homeopathic doctor near you.

Homeopathic medicine for diabetes

Many homeopathic medicines can help you recover from diabetes. However, sugar patients should consult their homeopathic doctor before consuming the medication. Although the medicines are mostly safe, a correct dosage should be taken for effectiveness. These medicines are an assistant for Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. There is no alternative medicine in place of insulin in homeopathy. But homeopathic treatment is useful for managing the metabolic side of patients by providing them with nutrition. Below given are some homeopathic medicines for diabetes. Homeopathic-medicine-for-diabetes

1. Abroma Augusta

It counts as one of the most used medicines in homeopathy. This is highly recommended for those patients who feel weakness in the body owing to muscular weight loss.

Exercise goes a long way in providing healing to patients. It is also beneficial for the patients experiencing thirst with a dry mouth, frequent urine, and a heightened appetite. Patients suffer from insomniac side effect due to high blood sugar levels. Abroma Augusta is useful for them.

2. Argentum Metallicum

This is especially for patients who suffer from excessive urination. Patients can get relief by using these medicines. Its dosage is as follows: take five drops of the medicine in half a cup of water thrice a day.

3. Natrum Phos 3x

Natrum Phos 3x is a remedy for diabetes patients. It helps in curing treating digestive problems and reducing blood sugar levels. It comes in the form of a biochemical tablet. One can improve their digestive issues by consuming healthy food and adjusting their diet.

4. Cephalandra Indica

Cephalandra Indica is a beneficial homeopathic medicine for diabetes as it helps to heal the blood urea ad thus manages the blood sugar levels. Patients who suffer from adverse symptoms can use these medicines to relieve diabetes. It additionally works as a detoxifier and relieves kidney issues as well. It may take some time to show results.

5. Natrum Mur

High blood sugar levels often disrupt the balance of fluids in your body; therefore, Natrum Mur helps maintain the body’s balance. It makes the kidneys work smoothly, draining out all the excess glucose from your body.

It is available in a tincture or tablet form. Its dosage is as follows: if you are consuming a mother tincture, take 3-5 dilutions in half a cup of water three times daily. The tablet can be sucked or chewed as directed by the homeopathic doctor. This is how it works in adjusting your blood sugar level.

6.Jambolanum or S. Cumini (Black Plum)

It is the most effective medicine for reducing blood sugar levels. It works like magic on symptoms like excessive urine passing, thirst, and weakness. This is to be consumed at suitable intervals to maintain blood sugar levels.

It minimizes sugar in urine and treats diabetes-related old ulcers on the skin. Its dosage is as follows: take fifteen drops of Syzgium Jmabolanum mother tincture in half glass of water 10 minutes before every meal.

7. Uranium Nitricum

It is a prominent diuretic remedy for diabetes. It helps to treat urine-related issues such as a burning sensation in the urethra due to a rise in blood sugar levels, incontinent urine, and enuresis. Its dosage is as follows: it should be consumed strictly according to the physician’s advice.

It is a remedy that helps to treat high blood sugar levels, high blood pressure, and fatty liver. You can also alter you are eating habits and sleeping cycle to regulate your blood sugar levels.

8. Conium

Conium is a homeopathic treatment that specializes in treating numbness of hands and feet and nerve damage due to high blood sugar levels. It also corrects the muscular weakness in the lower half of your body.

It is also known as poisonous hemlock as it is highly toxic. Conium does not affect the nervous system but has a feeble impact on the spinal cord. So, it is used to treat neuromuscular problems due to high glucose levels. The pain caused due to neuropathy is relieved by this, and it helps to give better sleep.


So, now we can say that homeopathic medicines are being widely used these days as people are inclined towards safe and natural ways of healing. It enables them to stay fit naturally and reduces dependence on chemicals and pharmacies.

The medicines mentioned above are remedies that can be consumed in the right dosage to get relief from diabetic ailments. One can also take help from Dr. Shubham Tiwary, a specialist in Homeopathy, to get treatment for it.
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