DR. shubham Tiwary B.H.M.S.

Homoeopathy offers Safe, Effective and Side-effect free treatment for diseases.


He who has health has hope,
and he who has hope has everything.

Completely Safe

Homoeopathic medicines are safe to use in any disease.

Very Effective

For over 2 centuries homoeopathy has proved its effectiveness.

Homeopathy Medicines

No Side-Effects

There are no side-effects for homoeopathic medicines.

What is Homoeopathy ?

The Medical Science of Homoeopathy was introduced by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. It is based on the principal of “similia similibus curantur”, 
i.e like cures like. 

It simply means that any substance that produces symptoms in a healthy person can also cure similar symptoms of an unhealthy person.


Dr. Shubham Tiwary is a classical homoeopath, with a mission to provide the best possible treatment for patients ailment. He is open to all other systems of medicine and healing. He believes that every system of medicine has its own advantages and limitations. 

What my patients say

How homoeopathy has changed lives? Hear from some of our patients.

I am a athlete I was suffering from sever lower back pain. I tried showing to many doctors but no results. My uncle suggested to try homeopathy. I met Dr. Shubham Tiwary after a good consultation he gave me medicine it's just took a week the pain just vanished and I was back on track. Thank you Dr Shubham
The doctor was very attentive and patient throughout my queries. I received excellent care.My pimples have reduced greatly and I would recommend him and his team to everyone.
I visited Dr. Shubham Tiwari for my skin related issue and I was satisfied with the way he treats his patients he listens to all the things patients tell them takes notes, ask questions, and then gave medicine, it was helpful for me to reduce my infection. I again visited him for my daughter’s problem and she was also cured in quick time. Thank you Dr.

“Begin your journey to a better life with peace, love, beauty, and happiness”

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