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Dr. Shubham Tiwary is a homoeopathic doctor with a medical education and years of experience that are in line with both traditional and holistic homoeopathy. His case-taking is a one-on-one consultation and involves a thorough examination of the patient. Patients come to him from all around the world.

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Migraine is a common neurological disorder that causes severe headaches. It is characterized by recurrent attacks of moderate to severe pain that are often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to light and sound. Homeopathy treatment for migraine is based on the principle of “like cures like”.

Skin Disorders

People of all ages are frequently seen to have skin disorders. In general, skin infections are brought on by a variety of factors, including hereditary issues and contagious conditions that spread from person to person.


It is estimated that about 10% of couples in the world suffer from infertility. One of the most common reasons for infertility is endometriosis, a condition where tissue that normally lines the inside of the uterus grows outside of it. Homeopathy treatment is the best option in solving the infertility issue with ease. It is an effective alternative to conventional treatments for infertility.

Allergies & Respiratory issues

Dust allergies, Skin allergies, Food allergies and intolerances, Colds, cough, Asthma and other respiratory issues.


By administering medications based on the patient's symptoms of diabetes, which is currently the most prevalent disease in the world, homoeopathy aims to provide all types of solutions that it deems necessary.

Bed Wetting

Bedwetting is a common childhood condition and most children grow out of it. It can be caused by many factors like stress, change in diet, bladder infection, or irregularity in the child’s sleep-wake cycle. Homeopathy treatment for bed wetting is holistic and non-invasive. It helps to eliminate the cause of the problem – whether it’s due to an emotional or physical disorder.


Without requiring surgery, homoeopathic piles treatment permanently cures the condition. On the other hand, the traditional medical model does not guarantee full recovery even after surgery.

Other Health Issues

The use of homoeopathy is becoming more common now that it treats various health issues. The aim of homoeopathy is to stimulate a person’s natural healing process and allow them to recover without any side effects. There are many different types of treatments that can be used by homoeopathic doctors, including remedies made from plants, minerals, animal products, or synthetics.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Headaches are uncomfortable, agonising pains in the head. They can hurt anywhere from moderate to severe, and they typically affect both sides of your head. Headache pain can be localised to the forehead, temples, and back of the neck. A normal headache lasts anything from ten minutes to many hours.
A migraine is a main headache illness that causes excruciating pain on one side of the head and is marked by recurrent episodes of mild to severe throbbing and pulsing pain. The stimulation of nerve fibres inside the meninges, which move through the walls of brain blood vessels, is what causes the pain. Attacks that go untreated can last anywhere between four and 72 hours. Additional typical symptoms include nausea, vomiting, and heightened sensitivity to light, noise, and smells.
Migraines can greatly affect your life but they are not at all life threatening or dangerous. Migraine can increase the risk of heart disease, including heart attacks and angina. Several studies have also shown that migraineurs, particularly those with aura, have a higher risk of ischemic but not hemorrhagic stroke. The secondary manifestations that migraines produce might lead to serious health conditions ( which in itself is a long process) but migraines by themselves are never fatal disorders.
Migraine is caused by a combination of environmental, medical and genetic factors. So, it can be hard to pin down where your migraines are coming from. So, in short, yes — migraines can be hereditary. Several genes have been identified that may be involved in the development of migraines.

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